Dr. Charles Curtin

Board Member and Director of Education and Research Programming for Beacon, Dr. Charles Curtin has extensive research and teaching experience in a wide range of environments.  With a Ph.D. in Zoology (minor in Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development) , M.S. in Land Resources, and B.A. in Environmental Science, Charles' projects focus on maintaining resilience and adaptive capacity in the face of environmental change. On the faculty of both Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Antioch University New England, Charles' teaching and research emphasize conservation and ecological interests, including complex systems theory and the integration of culture, ecology, and economics.

A resident of North Haven, Maine (home of Beacon's Goose Rock Light) Charles designs place-based science in coastal Maine environments in an "action research" program that undertakes science and policy while documenting the results. As a senior advisor to the Quebec/Labrador Foundation that engages in conservation programs in the Middle East, Charles also enjoys a long-standing linkage to conservation programs with Maasai in East Africa. 

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